Jonnyawesome - rogue application


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    Jonnyawesome - rogue application

    Post by jonnyawesome on Fri Apr 22, 2011 9:40 am

    RL info Age, where you're from and whatever else you find relevant about the one playing the character.

    my name is Casper 16 years old and i live in denmark. i know im really young, but my parrents dont give me any limits for my gaming, so raiding wont be any problem my parrents pretty much support my gaming and wont interfere. when i came to this world i was born with a joystick in my hands, ive been playing since i was 5-6 years old and it was at that time my uncle introduced me to Diablo 1 and from there on ive been playing games. i have also been a very mature guy due to the fact i was raised with my uncle and his friends so ive always been good at talking with people older then myself.

    Armory Link State your main spec and professions. [This is from retail] my main specc is Unholy and ive been playing that since i started playing my death knight.

    my professions is Alchemy and Herbalism i took those in order to farm gold but also for the haste buff, and ofc always to have flasks ready for raiding [ Will also level these on vanilla server for flasks and potions ready for raiding ]

    Guild History Are you currently a member in another guild/what other guilds have you been a member of ? Provide as many details as possible.

    At the moment im in NQQB squad, but i want to take my raiding and gaming to a new level. ive been in this guild for quite some time now.

    PvE experience This includes WOTLK, TBC and vanilla wow. Provide as much info as possible.

    Wotlk:Malygos Cleared 10/25 man, Naxx cleared 10/25, OS 3D cleared 10/25, Ulduar cleared 10/25 ive only made algalon on 10 man tho and done most hardmodes, TOC cleared 10/25, TOGC cleared 10(5/5) 25 (4/5) cleared 10/25 normal, 10/25 heroic (cleared 11/12 in both 10 and 25 ) Onyxia cleared 10/25, RS cleared 10/25, VOA cleared 10/25,ICC

    TBC: i did the most of this progress on my old warlock and warrior but im inactive on those atm. Karazhan cleared 11/11, Zul'aman cleared 6/6, Gruul's lair cleared 2/2, Magtheridon's lair cleared, 1/1, Doom lord kazzak cleared 1/1, Tempest keep / the eye cleared 2/4 <3 loot reaver SSC cleared 3/6 sadly my guild disbanded and i didnt make it to the last tbc content so i turned into a pvp guy instead untill wotlk came out

    Vanilla: ZG cleared 8/8 (none of those extra bosses were killed tho) Molten core cleared10/10, Black wing lair cleared 8/8, Ahn'Qiraj 20 cleared 6/6, Ahn'Qiraj 40 cleared 4/9 we didnt make it past twins, Naxxramas 40 cleared 1/12 all this content was done on my warrior Zyrak on grimbatol

    PvP Experience Indicate to what extent do you PvP.

    well ive always loved to do pvp but sadly i have never found anyone soild to do my pvp with, but my highest pvp exp is 2k raiting in 3vs3 in wotlk on my death knight and 1,8k raiting in tbc on my warlock. and my warrior has the conquer title i did lots of bgs in vanilla so i hope there is some fresh guys in this guild i can do lots of rated bg with [My warrior in vanilla (Zyrak) got to general rank]

    Raiding availability How do our raiding hours fit your schedule? Is there anything that may keep you from attending the raids?

    well as i said in the beginning i can pretty much raid when i want to, but i can always raid from 14:00-23:00+ so it suits me fine. im a 100% attendence guy, unless there is a funeral, but birthdays are overated. but these following weeks i might only be able to raid to 23:00 since i got examens and stuff but after 26 may i can attend to 23:30 i dont hope this is a problem

    References Is there anyone in the guild that can vouch for you? Let us know.

    not that i know of sadly, but i hope to find new friends in this guild

    Ventrilo We use voice comms in raids. While we prefer chatty members who communicate with us , the most important thing is that you are able to listen.

    Yes i have ventrilo and a perfectly working mic so it wont be a problem

    Why do you want to join Forsaken? Please mention what do you expect from us as guild and what do you offer in return, as a member?

    What i expect from you as a guild: well i hope to get into a guild that loves to be social and respect eachother, also a guild that can keep a cool head and focus when progressing in new raids / content

    What i can offer you as a member: well i can offer a player that loves to do anything within this game. id love to help at anytime because i know if i help others they will also help me in return and i dont mind using my time with guildies in useless things aslong as we have a good time! i can also offer a player that always meet up on time with : Food buff, fully repaired, flasks, and enchant scroll / gems if i get new items so they can get enchanted asap. also im a friendly and kind person so flaming and yelling in peoples faces is not somthing i do. also i can take critic if there is somthing you dont like about me or somthing you want me to improve id like you to come to me and tell me so i can improve it, i know im not the best death knight in the world but i have the passion and will power to become the best, and i would love to have a lovely death knight pal i can discuss talents, glyphs, spells, etc with

    Aditional info Anything else you consider relevant. The more information you provide, and the more effort you put into your application, the bigger chances to get accepted.

    well i think ive done my best, but i hope that despite my age that you will considder my application, and that even tho im 16 it still means that i can take a joke, and i can also have humor and be mature and serious when its needed but also know when to split those things in different situations.

    Best regards Jonnyawesome

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    Re: Jonnyawesome - rogue application

    Post by Jindo on Fri Apr 22, 2011 9:59 am

    well all i can say is, do people ver read the forum about how to apply?
    for the rest you toke some time writing it.

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    Re: Jonnyawesome - rogue application

    Post by jonnyawesome on Fri Apr 22, 2011 3:17 pm

    Btw i also got a Holy priest that wants to join aswell u will hopefully see an application from him in a few days

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    Re: Jonnyawesome - rogue application

    Post by nit on Wed Apr 27, 2011 1:31 pm

    full on rogues, sorry; declined.

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    Re: Jonnyawesome - rogue application

    Post by Exstacy on Wed Apr 27, 2011 1:48 pm

    I'm Confused, is this a application for a Death knight on a retail server?:S
    And did we change the Application guide?

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    Re: Jonnyawesome - rogue application

    Post by Beergrills on Wed Apr 27, 2011 2:35 pm

    And I am really curious , how those kids 15, 16 years old are always saying they have cleared Vanilla on Blizz servers... Sure... On 10 you have been raiding 5 hours every night...

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    Re: Jonnyawesome - rogue application

    Post by Funkey on Wed Apr 27, 2011 3:12 pm

    Beergrills wrote:And I am really curious , how those kids 15, 16 years old are always saying they have cleared Vanilla on Blizz servers... Sure... On 10 you have been raiding 5 hours every night...

    I cleared BWL aswell, never made it past that though..

    - And some feedback on the apply, Great you took your time writing, however you should use either some other color for answers, or just make it bold text, it's pretty hard to find head or tail in the post <,<

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    Re: Jonnyawesome - rogue application

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