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    Post by Squip on Sun Apr 24, 2011 9:20 pm

    Have you read and understood the guild rules, and can you attend raids with our current raid times?:
    -Yes, I can make all raids except Tuesdays (full time job with days off Thursday and Sunday

    Can you listen on Ventrilo?
    Can you speak as well?

    Character name: Squip
    Class: Troll Shaman
    Talent spec(s) you are applying with: Restoration

    Relevant stats: HP/Armor/Defense/Dodge/Block/Parry as tank, AP/Hit/Crit for physical dmg chars, SP/Spellhit/Spellcrit/MP5/Mana for casters. All unbuffed
    426 healing, 52 mp5, 240 int. (mainly blues a few epics)

    Raid experience: Which classic raids have you completed?
    MC, ZG, AQ20, BWL, AQ40 (alliance we didn't down Ouro) and stopped before killing C'thun. (although I remember the fight). Naxx we got a few bosses down (All of the spider wing, Noth, Patchwerk, Grob)

    I played a NE hunter and preformed a multitude of tasks from kiting dragonkin during Razorgore to pulling Cthun while wearing my NR set. I completely Min/Max'd that character, bringing full consumables and constantly trying to get a few more points of DPS out. (My favorite was the toxic injector gun plus the AQ40 tier 2.5 arcane shot build.

    Class/spec experience: How much experience do you have with playing the class and spec you are applying with?
    After TBC came out, I retired my hunter and rerolled a shaman with my brothers and a few real life friends. We played up until before the release of black temple and had server firsts on a few TK and SSC bosses. I played restoration and toyed around with enhance when I was not raiding. (Season 3 enhance gladiator)

    Location: USA, Florida.

    Do you know anyone in Forsaken, and if so, who?
    GrannyMcFist and I used to raid together last year when we were in the Sultans of Swing. I stopped raiding to focus on school and recently completed my degree, so I'm looking to get back into raiding.

    Why do you want to join Forsaken? Quite apart from being a good raiding guild, is there anything else about the Forsaken that has tickled your fancy? Have you heard of our humour, our insane officer staff, our mascot Viking? Why is it *Forsaken* that you want to join?
    I want to be around people who know how to play their characters. I want to contribute my time/energy into not only helping Forsaken progress, but into making friends and being social with you all.

    What kind of person are you? As in are you a humorous person, are you friendly, do you like the odd dungeon that you don't really need, just to socialize, what makes you *you* and not the guy next to you?
    I have a very dry sense of humor, but I'm a very nice person. I enjoy helping people, and don't mind running instances or farming random mobs just to help people out. I'm selfless. =)

    What can you bring to the guild? Yes, we know you can bring another «insert your class and role here» to the guild. But what else? Are you the kind of guy that will help other guild members farm dungeons for items, would you help farm buff consumables for that big upcomming progression raid next weekend, do you have alts that can provide us with crafting items with CDs, anything like that.
    Herb/Alchemist with every flask (minus the wisdom, but that just doesn't want to drop), and most of the major resistance potions. I farm herbs regularly and don't mind farming for more than just myself. If it helps the guild its worth it. Also as stated above, I've spent endless hours helping others in game. It's part of what makes this game fun for me.

    Anything you want to add?
    I'd like to know more about this Viking mascot... also if you need to ask me any further questions just ask me in game if I'm on or send me an in-game mail.

    (I wouldn't mind sitting out as an alternate or backup healer until I earn my position in the raid either, just here to help in anyway I can.)

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    Post by Exstacy on Sun Apr 24, 2011 11:04 pm

    Very nice apply:D (VERY rare^^) I would like to see you in game aswell:) Please Whisper me whenever you can;)

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    Post by Skogshuggarn on Sun Apr 24, 2011 11:16 pm

    Squip Skog is still my main^^

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