Retail apply(but wanna join with Bradcrit)


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    Retail apply(but wanna join with Bradcrit)

    Post by Akillis on Fri Apr 22, 2011 3:28 pm

    1. Introduce yourself. Tell us your name, age and where are you from.
    My name is Adam iam 19 years old from stockholm, sweden.

    2. What is your character name, class and race?
    Akillis, troll hunter.

    3. What's the level of your written and spoken english? Are you able to speak on ventrilo? (required for tanks/healers).
    Even tho iam a dps, iam not affraid to speak and i speak perfect english, might have some gramar problems. but speak and read perfect!

    4. Link your armory profile in PvE gear. Explain your gear, gem and glyph choices.
    My main specc is MM, choice of that specc is because of single target nuke and geming part is to get so much Agi / haste as i can so i can decrease the casting time of aimed shot, but mostly Agi.
    secound specc is more for AoE but not well sorted atm.

    Glyph: Prime - Rapid fire, steady shot, kill shot:
    Rapid - for the more % of the rapid fire, witch is very usefull since aimed shot takes around 3 sec to cast.
    Steady shot - Increases the damage done by the spell i use to regain focus.
    kill shot - for the reset of the cooldown so i can get a nice last % nuke.

    Major - Mending, disengage, Raptor strike:
    Mending - My pet often lose hp in boss fights, so easy to heal him much one time then spam it.
    Disengage - Most use spell of survive etc, better have it often of cooldown.
    Raptor strike - 20% dodge helps healers alot in my opinion, more survive in a boss fight!

    5. Link screenshot of your UI. Have some bad addons, gonna upload some other addons - Tukui, Got omen but dont have it up on the picture.

    6. Link screenshot of your latency to Stockholm from this site :
    I can link it in the future but atm its a bit hard since ill do the apply on my laptop. Can link you anytime if i get in to the guild.

    7. Link screeshot or link to logs from any of your recent raid (last one month) - like World of Logs. If you haven't raiding in Cata link screenshot to dps on target dummy (raid one) from a 3 min test. Iam Raid Specc so i dont do much without TA, didnt specc Trueshot aura since its gets removed in raids by a paladins BoM. So relay much on a BoM Happy

    7a. Explain with details your rotation, priorities in it. Think my rotation is unique and hard to explain, but ill try. i start of to blow my Trinket and rapid to blow a fast AS - Serpent sting - CS - 2x ss - AS - pop Racial berserking and my engin gloves, When rapid fire runs out i reload it with readiness and pop it. keep the rotation going etc.
    7b. We require people to be flexible with changing specs based on raid needs, have you mastered at least two of your class specs? i know all of them like my own hand, but might be little rusty on BM specc.

    8. Tell us your previous PvE experience (of the content at progress level).
    Start pre BC: Everything cleared on my warrior (chockladfett) tho i stopped play on it and achivments wasnt at that time.
    TBC: Switched alot with my priest and hunter. But all content cleared on my hunter.
    WOTLK: Took a big break then, but switched between all my chars (Akillis, Casharn, chockladfett).
    CATA: BWD N: 6/6 non hc. know all tacts except nef tho.
    BOT N: 4/4 non hc. done some tries on halfrus. non fair go.
    TO4W N: 2/2 non hc.

    9. Are you the original owner of the account? If no, tell why and explain the situation.
    Iam the original owner.

    11. We require at least 90% of attendence from any guild member - are you able to have it? i have 110% attendence on raids. And i always make sure i got all pots foods and flask with me ofc.

    12. What are your aims in World of Warcraft? To reach high, have no aim. just love to raid.

    13. Which aspect of the game is the most important for you (for ex. PvE, PvP, loot, social part, progress etc)?
    Think Everything goes in one, and i dont realy cba pvp. When you learn to know me you see that all that matters is the fun time raiding and have a great time.
    14. What is your guild history? What is your current guild? What is the reason of leaving? Dont remeber the guilds from bc. but been in Source during tbc and left cause i didnt like the idea of wotlk, but started playing again when wotlk realesed, but shortly after clearing naxx 10 and 25 i took a break. after icc patch realesed i started playing hardcore again in a guild on the maelstorm called paparazzi, but migrated here cause the server went under and crated Illegal cargo, we had fast progress when cata realesed and everything went good until we notice a problem with getting members, we started going back and forth between 10 and 25. and now iam here, looking for a new home.

    Posted this apply so you can see that iam serious etc. Thought you know more about me if i do like this!

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    Re: Retail apply(but wanna join with Bradcrit)

    Post by Nolfavrell on Fri Apr 22, 2011 3:54 pm

    huh? Ain't we on preBC? ^^

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    Re: Retail apply(but wanna join with Bradcrit)

    Post by Blastoff on Fri Apr 22, 2011 4:55 pm

    Aye wrong number, sir. Nice application though lol.

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    Re: Retail apply(but wanna join with Bradcrit)

    Post by Akillis on Fri Apr 22, 2011 5:03 pm

    Yes, but want to show u that i have exp Smile

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    Re: Retail apply(but wanna join with Bradcrit)

    Post by Jindo on Fri Apr 22, 2011 5:12 pm

    thats good of you akillis, but make an apply with your priest if you want to join with your priest. and make a link of this apply as URL.

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    Re: Retail apply(but wanna join with Bradcrit)

    Post by Akillis on Fri Apr 22, 2011 6:35 pm


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    Re: Retail apply(but wanna join with Bradcrit)

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