Tanking Guide: Part 3


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    Tanking Guide: Part 3 Empty Tanking Guide: Part 3

    Post by Garahn on Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:04 am

    Talent Specilizations: In this section of the guide, I will discuss some different variations on the Prot build. These each have a function and all have their uses. For the most part I want you all to chose which spec best fits you, and then show me why it works for your style of play. I may ask you to test some of these specs out specifically, but overall I want it to remain your choice.

    Build 1: Basic Main Tank: 12/3/36

    This is your basic protection build. Meant for your standard tanking situations. This is the build that I use most of the time. It allows for the highest single target threat you can get (without rend or deep wounds) while still maintaining a high level of survivability, with points in both Last Stand and Imp Shield Wall. With Defiance now working the spec has change a bit. It now has 7 spare points in it. These points can be used for whatever you need them to be used for. In this version I have them split between Tactical Mastery and Cruelty. 4 in Tact so that I can stance dance for Thunder Claps without having to pause for rage in between, and 3 in Cruelty to aid in threat generation. Those points can be subbed into Imp shield Bash, Imp Revenge, Disarm, Taunt, all those good things. There is a special build I will be having Beerkeg go for the Drakk fight that involves using Iron Will to hopefully bring his stun resistance up to 40%.

    The points in Improved Shield Bash and Taunt are dump points, those 3 can be place anywhere you would like as they do not directly effect the ability to Main Tanks something.

    Build 2: Piercing Howl 5/15/31

    This spec is all about aoe and offtanking. In retail, Demoralizing shout would be able to help us hold some aggro on multiple mobs, on this server however it's threat seems nonexistent. Piercing howl however seems to work quite well on getting us if nothing else, some more control over aoe pulls. Combine the slowing effect of Piercing Howl with Improved Cleave and you have a build that will help you hold multiple mobs all day long. Unbridled Fury is also an often overlooked tanking talent. What it allows you to do is get a lot more threat when you aren't taking damage. This will aid you a lot in getting those crucial shield slams off on a boss to keep you near the top of the threat meter when rage is scarce. Overall this build is preferable for you if you like to multi-mob tank and if you find yourself offtanking more often than not. You do lose 10 Defense with this build, but it is not intended as a main tanking build. You will still be able to tank a boss, but you will be slightly more susceptible to crits and crushing blows than a specced main tank.

    I would suggest if you use this spec, that you get some damage return gear for your tanking set. I will make a list of some good pieces in the gear list section of this guide.

    Build 3: Mortal Strike Prot 31/4/16

    This spec is best taken by a 4th tank or lower. It allows for a great deal of dps if played right, while still having a substantial amount of tanking ability. This is also best utilized with a slow one handed axe or sword (I would not recommend Mace Spec, stuns do little for you when tanking unless you can control when they happen.) But weapons like the Deathbringer from Onyxia make for excellent single target threat. Mortal Strike should be used any time you would use Shield Slam. The biggest function of this spec is of course the ability to swap to a two-hander and do some very respectable dps. As we progress into BWL, every bit of damage we can get will be a huge asset, and if you find yourself standing around swinging with your sword and board out at a boss, and nothing else to do, then you should consider this spec. This spec is also very effective for aoe tanking. The cleaves will be slower, but the crits from those cleaves will leave a bleed on the secondary targets. I cannot express how much threat a good bleed can get you, but believe me, you will like the effect this gives. Also do not underestimate the power of Sweeping Strike. I prefer to sue it after I build about 2-3 sunders on each mob I'm tanking. I dance into battle, pop this and start cleaving. The amount of threat it can generate is enormous, but remember not to stance dance back until it's over, as the ability disappears if you leave Battle Stance.

    There is quite a bit up for grabs in this spec. Two Handed Weapon Specilization isn't exactly needed, and could be subbed out for maxing out other arms talents. You need 31 points in that tree of course for Mortal Strike though. You could also consider moving the points out of Cruelty, but I would not suggest that.

    Build 4: Prot PvP 12/5/34

    This is a rarely used, but still highly useful spec. It dominates close to a stun lock rogue in how well you can control your opponents, but it still requires a fast control of your abilities to be able to master (never try this while lagging, you will fail Embarassed ). The build's focus is on controlling enemies with abilities like Concussion Blow, Imp Revenge, Imp Shield Bash and Improved Disarm. It maintains high survivability with points in Shield Specialization and Toughness, along with the oh shit button Last Stand. You will not do huge damage as this spec, it was never it's intention. What you will get though is a huge amount of utility coupled with more survivability than any other horde class (damn paladins take 1st overall still). To play this spec right you need a good high damage slow main hand, along with very effective stance dancing. As you use this spec you'll need to switch you play style constantly, and even weapon swapping can be a life saver here. Abilities you will need to use range from your basic prot attacks, to Charge, Overpower, Berserker Rage (gives you rage), Intercept and Whirlwind. You need all of the instant attacks you can get at times to be able to kill and survive. I do not suggest raiding as this spec at all, but if you feel like challenging yourself in pvp, give this a try, it's difficult, but a lot of fun.

    Something to note is that Shield Slams bonus effect actually does a lot of good in pvp. Hitting a Mage or Priest with it can make a huge difference if you remove one of their buffs.

    Build 5: Fury Prot 4/31/16

    This is not a build I generally recommend. It does not have the versatility of an MS prot spec, wherein you get more powerful bleeds and the bonus of Sword or Axe spec. The only real advantage here is Blood Thirst, which theoretically will do higher damage than MS, allowing for higher threat. combined with the healing effects of Blood Thirst and Blood Craze and you have some pretty interesting threat. I have not tested this out on this server, but it could prove useful to you and I would suggest it if you want to try something new. I do not expect to see any of you raiding this spec.

    The next segment will cover basic strategies for tanking in 5 and 10 mans.

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