Tanking Guide: Part 1


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    Tanking Guide: Part 1 Empty Tanking Guide: Part 1

    Post by Garahn on Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:31 am

    I have been playing this game since before day one. I have done everything there is to do. I've killed every boss in the game, and with most of the classes, specs, and with almost any strategy you can think of. Still, after all of that, nothing compares to the difficulty, and reward, of tanking.

    Tanking is not about being able to take the most hits. It's not about holding a mobs attention. It's not about being needed.

    It's about being a leader.

    As a tank it is your job to lead, even if you aren't in charge of the group, or the raid, or whatever you are doing you need to be able to stand up and take charge. In a raid, if I were to D/c, or die with no BR or whatever may happen, you all need to be able to step into my shoes at the drop of a hat and take over. I need Strong tanks to help me in this guild, and you all have loads of potential and you show it every time we raid. But I know you can all do more, and that is what we need from you all.

    This whole guide is a resource for all of you. It is meant to give you all more knowledge and information than you probably thought there could be about tanking. I've been doing this for 6 years now, and this si the first time I've ever tried to write it all out. This guide will get more complex as it continues, but for now it will deal with the basics.

    It is possible I will quiz you guys on the information that will be contained in here. You should all read through everything I post, and be sure you understand it. I will be thrilled if you bring questions to me, as wanting to know more is what brought me the knowledge I have to share. Please take this seriously, cause as we progress further I will need you all to be as amazing of tanks as I know you can be.

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