Forsakenmats and Forsakenpots; alternate guild banks.


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    Forsakenmats and Forsakenpots; alternate guild banks.

    Post by Cremation on Thu Jun 24, 2010 4:18 am

    Guildies, we now have these guild banks set up in org. Each currently has 4 bank tabs (Forsakenbank has all tabs), with all 16 slot bags in bank and on the characters. The names speak for themselves, obviously. The plan here is to help organize the current bank (Forsakenbank) as it was overflowing with a bunch of random stuff.

    Forsakenbank: This will be the bank all gear goes to, and is stored in. Gear here is to be distributed to new recruits, people leveling, etc. Basically anyone that needs it.

    Forsakenmats: This bank will be for any mats you may have that take up space, or mats that you would like to donate to the bank for others to be able to use via officer access. Mats such as leathers, cloth, essences, etc. Also, enchanters could send any enchanting materials they feel would be helpful to the other members of the guild to this bank.

    Forsakenpots: This bank will be filled with potions and elixirs needed for raids. I am currently in the process of farming herbs to make potions to fill this up. I would also like others to help in filling this bank up with useful potions and elixirs for raids. The idea here is to have them in a safe spot so that officers (class leads and advisors) can log into it before a raid, grab what potions and elixirs their class will need, and distribute them to anyone needing them before a raid.

    Now keep in mind guys, this is not just something that we sit back and be lazy about. Thinking, "Oh, well someone else will farm to fill the bank up, I can just show up and get what I need before the raid and be set." We can see who sends what to the bank, and can take note. I understand not all can help in any HUGE way, but every little bit helps, especially when working on progression.

    More bank tabs can and will be added when necessary. Any donations made to help fund the rest of the bank tabs would be kind. I have personally spent my own money (and Stompymctuff has made a donation of gold and 14 slot bags, also thanks Garahn for the 2 16 slot bags) to help get these alternate banks set up. Any help the guild recieves from members is appreciated and noticed.

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    Re: Forsakenmats and Forsakenpots; alternate guild banks.

    Post by stompymctuff on Thu Jun 24, 2010 8:35 am

    This is a pretty good idea. I haven't seen any of the bank alts but I'm sure the inventory is pretty messy.

    I'll keep the leather coming.


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    Re: Forsakenmats and Forsakenpots; alternate guild banks.

    Post by Gotowned on Thu Jun 24, 2010 8:52 pm

    I have also made myself some bank characters, have on that keep track on leathers for me and one that i send all greens to so i can DE them (greens or blues that are BoE), and then store them at that character Smile So just ask me if Gbank dosnt have any materials that you need. Would have more leathers than enchanting mats.

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    Re: Forsakenmats and Forsakenpots; alternate guild banks.

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